My years in college have shifted me from a city bound technophile to a nature lover, and it is only fitting that my transformation culminate in a hike on America’s most famous backwoods trail. As college comes to an end, it seems unlikely that I will be staying in CT, despite my love for my birthstate I find the entire state to either be too suburban or too loud, with its rural towns struggling under the long tendrils of economic influence that radiate from the Big Apple. I would like to get to know my state really well before I leave, and I figure that the best way to do so would be to hike it’s AT section, and experience nature with no heavy luggage, no car to retreat to, etc. Currently I’m stockpiling the needed gear, which has been a slow process due to my limited funds. I am almost finished, with only a handful of items left before I am, at least in terms of equipment, ready. I’ve also been reading up on advice and guides from thru hikers, which I figure will also apply to section hikes.

Still, it wont be till next spring that I hike the trail, so I figure I do indeed have some time to prepare.


Till next time


Gil Rice.


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