A blog about the bizarre, the folkloric, the grass roots…and occasionally book reviews.

We live in a time of great change, and against this backdrop of change, oddities have begun to arise. Expressions of spontaneous culture, spurred on by the internet and it’s ability to connect just about any group of people who can afford hosting charges. It’s why we have entire forums on the finer points of eating ice cubes, on documenting trampled grass, men who want to have hot lusty sex with automobiles, and more.

I will update regularly, with articles on the strangeness that permeates every layer of the internet. Of it’s bizarre stories of men sexually attracted to floor tiles, anarchist slums located entirely inside one building, or hermits who survived over twelve years without human contact by pilfering junk food.

Other posts will deal with the real life oddities of the past, present, and future, another favorite topic of mine.

I love teaching people about these topics just as much as I love learning about them. Hopefully you can walk away knowing something new.

Occasionally I will post a review of a book or narrative driven game, but my main purpose here is to teach you how wonderfully weird this world is.


-Gill Rice



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